“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”
Mark Twain

Never before in the history of the world have so many businesses had to question their very

Business is a PUZZLE and you are at WAR

No CEO/ Leader would dispute that one of their major responsibilities is to REVITALZE their staff and their business for a seriously competitive business and social environment. Your competitors have never been so hungry, so fast, and coming at you from so many different angles than before, they are formidable, today, tomorrow and beyond.

Business is a PUZZLE and you are at WAR

Are you looking for the right Business Strategist for our new economy? Guy has 23 years of facilitating and coaching CEO’s and Business leaders in different markets/industries.

In my mind The True Business Strategist is focused on 5 key areas

  1. Business uniqueness
  2. Business focus
  3. Business performances
  4. A culture of making change comfortable not a mission?
  5. Correct execution

As a CEO you have no doubt used many different strategic approaches, models, and frameworks. These have driven your purpose, your vision, your special way to find the right level of growth. Ask yourself do you need a new lens in your circle of influence. Do your beliefs and own value system affect your Strategic thinking and planning with a subsequent lack luster strategy and execution

During the past number of months have you redesigned a new you for our different economy. Do you have the correct level of Influence, wish to be more significant. Is your mindfulness where it should be? Are you teachable/ changeable?

As leaders we need to grow mentally quicker than our businesses.

Time to Make the INVESTMENT.

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