Conrad K

Conrad K started his business in his garage in 1995 with his brother, in 1998 Guy started coaching us, 18 years later Guy still coaching business units in our group, which has grown to 6 businesses , and helped us become the leader in our industry. Guy a great mentor and friend.


FLIP P, Business owner, my son( on a gap year) attended Guy’s workshops at the SANLAM FUTURE BUSINESSES Leaders week in 2000, started our business, 17 years later business still operating, recently contacted Guy to help take our business to the next level.

( Flip, I still have the workshop material from Guy’s workshop)

Dylan S Start

Dylan S Start up business owner, Guy brought focus, structure motivation and new eyes to my business recommend Guy Highly

Veronica Shangali Managing Director Amaveggie Pyramid Farming products

“During this Covid 19 pandemic, when everything seem to be falling apart, I had the amazing opportunity to be coached by Guy for about 2 months. The experience was of such good value both for my personal development and business.

I was able to re-look, re-design, re-think, re-position my business, If you are running a business and want to improve your sales and overall look of your business especially during these changing times I highly recommend you contact Guy. Thank you Guy for this opportunity, I truly appreciate it.”

CM Director (2 years)

Guy helped me focus on business primarily in the Finance and Sales areas with new strategies. Guy was very good at removing the “emotion”  from the business decisions and helped me work on the business. I found Guy to be professional and would recommend his services with confidence.

LC Owner Family business (1 year).

Guy assisted us in identifying what right things to do, we went and did the right things as a result we achieved a 35% growth in sales  in the first 6 months of 2005. Guy subsequently came back in 2009 for a few months to relook at or strategy.

CR/GM Partners/Owners (2 years).

Guy consulted to us for 2 years wherein our financial and sales management focus was greatly enhanced with improvement in our results.

JT Partner (13 years)

Guy in the 13 years continually probed, pushed, recommended new approaches to our total business which contributed to our sustainability. Our relationship at times was strained, speed was important to Guy.

DP M/D ( 7 years)

Guy gave me sound business advice over the period of our up and  down relationship, how ever my business was better positioned with greater results.

J MAC  Financial Director ( 8 years)

Guy relooked our whole financial management approach, procedures, policies with focus on improved cash flow monitoring, better debtor management and improved GP% in our sales operation.

Time to Make the INVESTMENT.

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