“For the wise know the truth, in helping others we help ourselves”
Source unknown

Market Forces

Never before have our competitors been so strong, as fast, as hungry as they are today and tomorrow. Decision makers/ buyers have changed, their mindsets, the type of research they do before they will engage with us. The need to change the way we operate and sell differently to show our uniqueness better than our opposition is with us now.

Make the right call, invest

My approach to strategy means asking the difficult questions then choosing and agreeing a particular direction for your business so that your business becomes a significant player in your market/markets ( B2B) by minimizing the type and magnitude of different risks.

I simplify our approach; my principle focus is to avoid you doing the same or similar things on the same battlefield as your opposition.


  1. Re identifying your business Relative Superiority (reviewing your current strategy, an audit with the correct conversations.)
  2. Is your business really winning or is it a marginal player (is it fit enough, how do we know, what type of benchmarks)
  3. Four areas of market growth (product/services) Review
  4. Re looking at your business model
  5. Ownership of strategy, Leverage and execution
  6. I use my UFP FRAMEWORK 

Time to Make the INVESTMENT.

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